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Member Feedback Form

At The Hive 116, we are always growing and always learning. We want to know what is working, and what's not. Please take some time to let us know how your experience as a member is going, and what we should focus on moving forward. This is 100% anonymous, but you can identify yourself by filling in the name and email fields if you'd like to do so!

If you have an urgent issue, or frustration beyond what this form can address, please don't hesitate to reach out directly to the concierge for resolution.




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Member Satisfaction

Please rate your experience as a member at The Hive 116.

I am satisfied with my overall experience as a member at The Hive.
I feel comfortable working in the various work spaces at The Hive.
I am happy with the resources and options available at The Hive.
Thanks for taking the time to help us grow!
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